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Sedation Options at Penetang Dental

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We are committed to helping our patients relax during even the more complex dental procedures. At Penetang Dental, we offer sedation dentistry to ensure you have the most comfortable dental visit possible. With either conscious sedation or dental gas (also known as nitrous or laughing gas), you’ll be able to coast through your next visit.

Conscious Sedation

If conscious sedation is suitable for your procedure, you will be given a small pill to help you doze off. While you are not technically asleep, patients often describe the experience as seeming sleep-like. Throughout the entire process, you will be monitored by our specially trained team of professionals. Many patients scarcely remember their procedure, leaving only their healthy smile to tell the story. Due to the sedation effect, we require that someone brings you to your appointment and takes you home when you’re done.

Dental Gas

If you are anxious about your upcoming dental procedure or dislike the sounds, smells and environment associated with the dental visit, nitrous oxide might help you relax. Also known as “laughing gas,” this dental gas allows you to forget about your surrounding while the freezing we use will take care of any potential pain. The nitrous is inhaled through a nose piece during you procedure and everything is monitored by our trained team. Nitrous, although not technically a sedative, does affect reaction time. Subsequently, ike conscious sedation, we require that you have a companion to pick you up from your appointment. If you have any questions, just call our office.

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